CREEPY STALKER PRANK!!! | Prank Academy | Episode 15

Our Prankster, Shira Lazar, pranks her boyfriend Bart Baker at a YouTube convention. We have her bring Bart into a green room to find a creepy fan who snuck in awaiting Bart’s arrival. Eager to meet Bart, the fan awkwardly encounters him as he is soon escorted out of the room by security. Before he leaves, he shouts that he left a very special gift box for Bart. Inside the gift box was real human hair, a cow’s heart, a photo of taken outside of Bart’s house (obtained by Shira, of course), and other creepy objects. Uncomfortable with the contents of the box, Bart is surprised as the fan suddenly bursts into the room again. Then we enter to reveal the prank.

Shira Lazar (the Prankster) and Bart Baker (the Victim) attend a panel at StreamCon NY. Afterward, Shira takes Bart to a green room, where he finds a creepy fan who has snuck into the event. The fan gives Bart a gift box before getting escorted away by a security guard. When Bart opens the gift, the contents creep him out: human hair, scrawled messages, real photos of Bart’s house (taken by Shira, of course). The guard returns to tell Bart they’ve kicked the fan out, and Bart should stay in the room until they’re sure the coast is clear. As they wait, the fan bursts in, surprising Bart and Shira. Then Jeana and Jesse enter and reveal the prank.

YouTube Red Original Series

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