CHOKEHOLD PRANK!!! ft. EPIC MEAL TIME | Prank Academy | Episode 13

Our Prankster, Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time, uses the Force to prank customers in a Brooklyn deli. To appear as if he has supernatural powers, he does things like make bottles fly into the air, products fall off shelves, cups move across the counter, bags float in the air, and knifes explode. But that’s not it, he also lifts Jesse all the way up a wall with a chokehold, using just his mind!

In a Brooklyn deli, Harley (the Prankster) uses the Force to pull pranks on customers. Without using his hands, he moves cups along the counter, causes ketchup bottles to fly in the air and hurls knives aroundt he store. Finally, he lifts Jesse up a wall… with his mind!

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