Reacting to Your Comments on My Face Reveal (+ what is subsequent)

The reactions to my respectable face divulge were completely insane. Here’s whats subsequent. Haven’t observed it but?


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Ownage Pranks is a channel dedicated to prank calls. With over 9 misfit characters voiced by means of one comic, Ownage Pranks brings you a weekly dose of unscripted and improvised pranks which can be certain to make you fall from your seat guffawing. What started as a interest to entertain pals in 2004 has since developed into probably the most subscribed prank name channel on YouTube! Join the OP Crew by means of subscribing and music in each week to catch our hilarious, wild and outrageous pranks!

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  1. this has been a crazy, crazy ride for me. Coming from NEVER SHARING PERSONAL DETAILS about myself, to trying to put it ALL out there, is really wild. I’m going to transition quickly and figure it all out, but I appreciate you guys hanging in there as I learn the ropes 😉 Could not be more grateful for how supportive y’all have been, truly. I’m going to spend the whole day reading your comments again, let me know what kind of stuff you want to see in the coming weeks/months!!

  2. Loving the new content man. The channels got a fresh new vibe. And your personality comes through even more. You’re awesome!

  3. I almost feel bad, I quit watching Ownage Pranks years ago and recently got back into it (amazing work I’ve gotten to binge watch)… then bam I get rewarded with a face reveal. That’s like rediscovering the MCU just in time for Endgame. I didn’t really have to wait.

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