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    Clothing Store Robbery BEATDOWN (Caught on Camera!)

    This retailer proprietor attempted to overcome anyone up with an extended stick once they attempted to rob his clothes shop, whilst his worker used to be caught in fact combating him off and getting punched within the face, take a look at how the landlord reacts when the ‘thief’ himself makes a decision to name […] More

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    Robbery in The Hood (UK) – Ownage Pranks

    Subscribe to catch my future videos! A guy in the UK hood was robbed and gets a call from RAKESH the thief, his reactions are absolutely priceless. A ton of work went into this video, so if you enjoy it show your support by sharing it with a friend and giving it a big ol […] More

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    Buk Lau’s Love Song (animated) – Ownage Pranks

    FREE song download – I’m traveling and had some unfortunate technical issues when trying to render out this week’s video, so instead of leaving you hanging I wanted to share this extra special song with you guys 😀 Hope you enjoy the free DL! Please smash that Like button and share this if you want […] More

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    Frisky French Lesson Prank – Ownage Pranks

    Subscribe to catch my future videos! Buk Lau calls up a French teacher for an unconventional lesson 😀 Please share the video with your buddies on facebook/twitter! Racist Neighbor Complaint Prank – Random video – Facebook——————— Twitter ———————— 2nd channel / Extras —- Merchandise —————- More

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    Insane Hostage Situation Prank – Ownage Pranks

    Subscribe to catch my future videos! I called a guy in Australia who got into a heated altercation with an Indian cab driver, he ends up thinking I KIDNAPPED his girlfriend. This prank is nuts! Be sure to Subscribe if you’re new and share the laughs with your friends!! Frisky French Lesson Prank – Random […] More

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