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    Black Guy Tries to Make Friends in Europe

    I strapped a GoPro to my chest to come up with guys a peek at probably the most voices within my head. Want to look extra of my characters in public? Drop a Like at the video and lemme know which persona you need to look subsequent! More extras shall be on my Instagram: @OwnagePranks […] More

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    In this prank, I stood at the back of other folks and known as for them. By the time they grew to become to seem, I used to be minding my very own industry and it’s as though I did not say the rest in any respect! One woman particularly were given very disappointed with […] More

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    Hidden Camera Prank : Scaring the Crap Out of People

    Watch this younger knight in shining Armour scaring folks hidden digital camera prank. As they stroll no longer understanding what waits for them. As quickly as they arrive close to our knight springs into movements scaring them. Hilarious to look folks getting scared and surprised by means of a tin go well with who they […] More

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    Social Media Experiment

    FOLLOW ME ON TOPBUZZ! –~– Using the facility of Social Media, I FREAKED PEOPLE OUT through making them assume I knew private details about them! Join the Vale Nation► Here is extra from Social Media ► #Joe #Jesus Watch the REVEALS from the Official Social Media Experiment!► Get Pooters► JACK VALE THEME SONG – Brennan […] More

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    Monkey See Monkey Do Prank – Just For Laughs Gags

    A gaggle of other folks all stare at and imitate some other folks consuming their meals. Check out the most efficient of JFL’s gags: Just for Laughs is going attractive! Watch the naughtiest pranks now: Don’t omit some other Gag – Subscribe!: Just for Laughs Gags around the web: Visit our retailer: JFL Comedy: Twitter: […] More

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    Dog Sells Hot Dogs

    Don’t leave out any other Gag – Subscribe!: Can’t click on annotations? Mental Power Card Reader Prank: Injured Man Wishes Come True: Gags are filmed in Québec. Originality, authenticity and joie de vivre… Discover extra about Québec at Social Animal? Here are a couple of fascinating hyperlinks: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Filmed in Montreal, Quebec More

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