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    Psycho Christian Lady MELTDOWN (Animated Valentine’s Day Special) – Ownage Pranks

    This woman goes ballistic when Chris and Tyrone call her up to inquire about being vendors for her Valentine’s Day fair. The way she reacts is so unexpected and insane. GRAB SOME LIMITED EDITION MERCH BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! – Subscribe to catch my future videos! Support these animations on PATREON – All my animated […] More

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    Insanely Short Tempered Car Salesman – Ownage Pranks

    A viewer sent in a request to prank this insanely short-tempered used car salesman that ended up leaving him racist voicemail messages and even threatened him with a knife. Check out what happens when Abdo, Juan, and Chris decide to give him a few calls over the course of an entire month 😀 Subscribe to […] More